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  Attention will not longer be receiving new content.  I have migrated to you will be able to still see and read all my previous articles.  All new blog posts and videos will be posted to the new blog.  Thank you very much for stopping by Make sure to check out my store... Continue Reading →

Brushed Carbon Fiber Frames

Are you looking for a new carbon fiber frame for your brushed micro?  Lets take a look at some of our options and the pros and cons to their design and durability.  I will also speak on how easy it is to build on some of these frames. I will continue to update and add... Continue Reading →

Soup up your DM002

Hello everyone welcome back. Todays video is showing you how I took the DM002 and upgraded the Flight Controller, motors and camera. I had to make some slight modifications to the frame and camera mount. A huge thank you to Aaa at the Micro Motor Warehouse community for the inspiration. I love these hybrid builds.... Continue Reading →

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