BetaFPV 550Mah LiHV 1S Lipo

Hello everyone welcome back.

In today’s video I will be reviewing and showing you the new BetaFPV 550mah LiHV 1s Lipo batteries. These were sent over by BetaFPV so a huge thank you to BetaFPV. These are a step up from the Gaoneng 450 3.7v lipo batteries that I was using with the BetaFPV Beta 75. These batteries will give you a average of 5 minutes of flight time. In my testing I didn’t notice any heat from the motors or battery. I was flying in 40-45 degree temperatures.

Here are the specs.

Capacity: 550mAh
Size: 16x7x64mm
Continuous Discharge Rate: 50/100C
Weight: 14.0g


link to the new Beta 75s

Here is where you can get them.

550mAh 1S Lipo HV Battery (2PCS)

Check out my video on how to build and maintain your Tiny Whoop.

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