BetaFPV Z01 AIO Camera with support for BetaFlight OSD

Hello everyone welcome back.

In todays video I will be showing you the new and improved BetaFPV Z01 AIO Camera. The new camera comes with support for BetaFlight OSD. They also reinforced the camera to VTX connection. The new camera comes with a 1.25 pitch female connector for the On Screen Display and a two pin header for your power. The install was really easy and took only a few minutes. The picture quality is great and the reception is even better. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment.

Pick a BetaFPV Z01 Camera up today.

As a huge thank you to all my subscribers and viewers I am offering you a discount on the BetaFPV 230mah LiHV batteries.

Link to the batteries.

Use Promo code CRAYT230 for

8% off 1 8-pack of BetaFPV 230mah LiHV batteries.
10% off 2 8-packs of BetaFPV 230mah LiHV Batteries.

This promo code is valid until 11-30-2017 and is only valid on

Thank you again for watching and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Fly Safe and Fly Often.


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