Aokoda 1S LiHV Charger

Hello everyone welcome back.

Today I have a 1s lipo charger that will charge both High Voltage and non high voltage batteries. This will cover all your 1s bases. Check out the specs below. This is a great  charger to use both at home and in the field. You can pick one up on amazon today.  This post contains affiliate links.

Link to Aokoda Charger

DC 3.5mm input range:9V-26V@24W
Batteries XT60 input range:9V-26V @3~6S LiPo
Micro usb input range:5V@1A/2A/2.4A
DC input over discharge voltage setting range:9V~24V
Batteries XT60 over discharge voltage :Smart and manual adjustment End of charge voltage:4.20V±1%
Charge power: 4Wx6ch@CX610 / 2Wx6ch@CX605
Charge current: (0.1-1.0A)x6ch@CX610
Battery type:HV LiPo
Battery cell count:1S
Indication:LED Digital tube display
Support batteries port: mCPX,MCX (MOLEX,JST@ Transit line)
USB output: 5V@2.4A/2.0A/1.0A intelligent fast charging port(DC/XT60 input)
Dimension: 142x34x17.5mm
1 * CX610HV 1S HV LiPo Battery Charger
3 * PW to MOLEX adapter cable
3 * PW to JST adapter cable
1 * Manual


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