Hobbymate 95mm Carbon Fiber Frame

Hello everyone welcome back.

Today I have the Hobbymate 95mm carbon fiber frame.

Package contents
1 * HOBBYMATE Q95 Frame Kit
4 * Motor Holder Rubber Ring
4 * Alu. Standoff
4 * Screws

Recommended set up
Motor: 8520 coreless motor
Propeller size: About 55mm
Camera resolution: 800TVL
Video transmitter: 5.8g 25mW 40ch transmitter
Battery: 1-2S Lipo
F3 F3 evo brushed flight controller support 1-2S lipo

This is a great little flier. The frame has little flex. The build was a breeze. There is so much room to build. Using the AKK A5 Split VTX made for a very clean build.

Want this build?

Parts list.  This post contains affiliate links.

Hobbymate 95mm frame

BetaFPV Flight Controller

8520 Brushed Motors

BTG King Kong 55mm Props

AKK A5 Split VTX AIO Camera

BetaFPV 260mah LiHV Battery

Be sure to check out the Beta 65 frame kit giveaway.

Stay Safe and Fly Often

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